"I do not proclaim to be the best but aim to do the best I can for my clients by learning from the best mentors in my field and continuing to care for my clients' needs."

Kirsten - Pilates Practitioner 

This is what I can deliver:

Why choose me as your Instructor?

I have gained many years of practise and experience through my work, training and life's journey

I have trained through the most highly recognised Pilates training provider

I continue to train and learn about different aspects in my field

I believe you will receive quality instruction through my teaching

I aim to provide you with a good movement experience to help you reap the benefits Pilates has to offer

My classes are full of variety and helpful movement tips 

I provide optional moves which can increase challenge to help you keep slowly improving

Create Fun
Every class should include some fun!

I aim to teach clearly and communicate with you well and welcome feedback

My approach is to be as flexible as I can be

Book direct
You book directly through me not a booking system

I journey with you - I care!