"Be in control of your body and not at its mercy."
Joseph Pilates

“I have played golf for over 40 years and over this time have maintained a decent standard
but in recent years my game has deteriorated and as a result my handicap has been creeping up.
Since having regular one to one Pilates sessions with Kirsten, my golf game has improved dramatically. I am hitting my drives further and my overall game is at a level that I did not think
I would achieve again


“I joined Pilates after being sick, tight and sore from running and cycling. 
The benefits were evident within four weeks. I was more flexible and stronger. My running especially was much more enjoyable. I look forward to Pilates classes each week."  


“I started Pilates classes for the first time at the end of last year [2012] with quite a bit of 
trepidation as I am 59 and walking and gardening have been my only exercise. 
By the end of my first 10 week block, I felt a huge benefit, feeling physically stronger and 
able to lift heavy grand children; I also felt my sleeping had improved. 
Kirsten has a wonderful teaching style, so encouraging, helping us to believe we will be able to do it, and that we are improving. I thoroughly recommend her classes to anyone thinking of doing Pilates -  you will LOVE it."


"I really love attending Kirsten's Pilates classes.
Kirsten is a great instructor that gives clear direction and is happy to work with all level of abilities.
I look forward to my classes
each week and am more than happy to recommend [her] to friends."   


“I really like Kirsten's classes. I feel her total body workout helps with flexibility and strengthening. Kirsten gives different options for exercises so that you can tailor the class to your needs and she checks that you are in the right position to get the most of the exercise.
We use a variety of equipment at the mat classes, which are always interesting and enjoyable.” 


“I suffer with mental health issues, specifically around depression and I wanted to let you know that
 I honestly think Pilates helps a MASSIVE amount during these awful bouts. 
I find that it truly centers me and I desperately look forward to each session I attend. 
The combination of deep breathing and controlled (well, not always controlled, sometimes a bit wobbly!) exercise is a winner as far as I am concerned, so I wanted to thank you for helping me greatly along my journey through the wonder of Pilates and for being such an awesome teacher.
Keep up the good work and thanks again.”  



 “I have struggled with pain in my left Glute and have been to specialists and physiotherapy.  

I could not sleep on my left side and to make things even more difficult I have an old right arm injury from a car accident which meant it also put pressure on the right.
I was introduced to Kirsten by my physiotherapist which has been the best thing for me,
I have just turned 50 and feel amazing, not only has the pain gone from my left side but also I have built strength right through my core and upper body, all in six months. 
I sleep better, my breathing and posture has improved but most of all my energy has returned. 
Kirsten has been not only supportive but absolutely wonderful in assisting me on my journey to full recovery.
 I have become a Pilates junky and have a toned body as well. 
If you are thinking about it, stop and just do it, you won’t be sorry…   
I cannot recommend Kirsten highly enough."


 “I have played sport throughout my life but had accumulated some injuries along the way, particularly in the back and neck. Having tried Pilates elsewhere I saw the potential it had, but I needed to find the right instructor. Pilates with Kirsten has helped unlock my back, gently stretching and strengthening without aggravating the old injuries. Core muscles, previously an untapped resource, were located and sent to work! 
It’s the little things that changed but they make everyday life just a tad better.
I am now being able to swivel from the waist when reversing the car, rather than only being able to turn the neck. Core strength has helped my tennis – can stretch further and can retrieve more. Might not win the game but certainly less restraint. Kirsten provides clear instructions with a focus on correct technique –
great for injury rehab / prevention. We have fun too.”