"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness."
Joseph Pilates

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Studio has moved down the road to a better space in Hildenborough


Private sessions at various times

Monday to Saturday

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Private Studio sessions are beneficial for those wanting individual attention, or for rehab purposes or sporting Individuals wanting to improve their game.  
x1 1:1: £60 / Duet : £75
x5 1:1 : £295 / Duet £375

x10 1:1 : £580 / Duet £720


Very popular small
group sessions

6.15pm 7.15pm

11.15am 7.15pm 8.15pm
9.15am 10.15am
9.15am 10.15am
8.15am 10.15am

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Some say, 'you can't cheat on the reformer'. 
It increases body awareness. 4 in a class for attentive instruction. One or more private sessions required if new to Reformer. 

Term : £22pp per session. 
£25 Casual if space


Small group sessions

9.00am - Ightham
9.15am - zoom or Studio

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Props are used which bring variety and can assist, challenge or create fun.

Term : £12.50 per session 
£14 Casual one-off trial if space

Pregnancy Pilates

small group sessions


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Specialised classes designed to help you become stronger during pregnancy, prepare you for birth and beyond. G
entle effective exercises including great take home tips. Classes are small and friendships formed. Some may prefer private sessions. 
Please contact me to discuss further

Block : £22pp per session
£25 Casual if space

All classes are 55mins. Grip socks to be worn on equipment for safety, stability and confidence.
If you have never done Pilates before at least one private session is necessary prior to joining a class, possibly more. 

I look forward to helping you start or continue your Pilates journey in order to maintain body wellness.

"Concentrate on the correct movement each time you exercise,
lest you do them improperly and thus lose all vital benefits."
Joseph Pilates

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