"You are only as young as your spine is flexible"
Joseph Pilates

Terms and Conditions

  • Sessions are 55mins unless otherwise stated
  • Please wear comfortable and appropriate clothing inc. grip socks for safety, stability and confidence
  • Zips must be covered - any damage to equipment may have to be paid for
  • Hair to be tied up for hygiene purposes and to prevent it getting caught between equipment 
  • Please bring a small towel and remember a water bottle
  • Please provide your own Mat for Group Mat Classes and Private sessions
  • An Initial Assessment may be necessary before joining - essential if new to Pilates. This helps you integrate better into a class and go through any particular health issues in private
  • Sessions may not completely follow Term times and may also extend into half terms/holidays due to public holidays, instructor's illness or holiday. 
  • Purchases are non-refundable or transferable

Group Classes

  • Like any course booking if you are unable to make a session, or simply forget, it is forfeited.
    Saying that, as clients can testify, 
    I do try my best to help you make one or two sessions up within the same term if I am given good advance notice of dates you are unable to attend; but please note there is NO guarantee and making a session up should not be expected
  • Payments to be made within 24 hours or upon request - slot may be given up to others if payment has not been received in time 


  • To secure your booking, payments to be made within 24 hours or upon request. For those continuing their slot, payments to be made two weeks prior to your last session or they may be given out to others
  • 24 hours notice to be given for rescheduling a Private session or it will be forfeited
  • Private sessions are to be used within 6 weeks for the discounted block of 5, and 12 weeks for the discounted block of 10 - only one or two sessions respectively, therefore, are permitted to be forwarded if given more than 24 hours notice. Flexibility is given if holidays are already planned
  • Block sessions paid at full rate to be used within 6 months.

The wording of these T&Cs may change slightly from time to time so please read prior to any booking.