"Not only is health a normal condition, 
but it is our duty not only to attain it but to maintain it.
Joseph Pilates

Studio information during Covid19

**Attendance - your session may be deemed as late cancel if you are not adequately prepared.** 

My lovely Pilates Studio space offers a unique environment with a limited amount of people in and out during the day and has good ventilation. With this in mind, and with meticulous cleaning procedures in place, it should make us all feel it is a comfortable and safe place to be in.

We must still be very vigilant when coming to the Studio to reduce the continued spread of Covid-19.
Necessary procedures and what to bring are outlined below to enable us all to feel more comfortable and protected. The safety and well being of us all continues to be paramount. 

I thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation with these.


feel comfortable attending. It is your own decision and responsibility if you attend. Please cancel your session if you are feeling even slightly unwell or been around someone who is/has been unwell and follow government guidelines. We can try and rearrange it, if given 24 hours notice - no guarantees for group attendees as it's subject to space availability - or continue virtually, otherwise the session may still be deemed as late cancel. 

ensure you are well enough to attend. Clinically vulnerable people should refrain from attending when the government advises. 

come ready for class to limit movement within other areas of the Studio (ie the wash room or entrance way).

wear your mask on arrival and to and from your reformer in group sessions. You can hang it at the back of the Reformer on the metal bar.

wear shoes that are easy to take off and put back on if possible and place on the mat in front of the cubed shelving.

limit touching surfaces on entering to the Studio, including door handles, cubed shelving etc

bring your own Mat for private sessions.

bring a small hand towel or cushion for your head or hip for 1:1 or group sessions.

provide your own props if you would like to for 1:1 sessions.

wear clean clothes and clean socks at all times.

tie back long hair.

provide your own filled water bottle.

refrain from touching your face.

use the grip gloves provided to help reduce the spread of any infection and try not to touch your face - cough and sneeze into your arm, handkerchief or tissue.

replace your gloves and clean and sanitize your hands if you do touch your face or cough/sneeze into them.

bring a bag to place all your belongings into so they can easily be placed in the cubed shelving and collected quickly after.

wash/sanitize your hands thoroughly prior to arrival at the Studio and sanitize on arrival – sanitizers provided. Welcome to use your own if you feel more comfortable.

wait outside until invited in, keeping your social distance from others. This will also allow space for those leaving the Studio so we all feel more comfortable. If raining, may I suggest you stand under the bus shelter.

be aware it is not advisable to wear a face mask during exercise as it may restrict breathing efficiency. 

wash your hands for 20 seconds after using the toilet facilities and use the hand sanitizer prior to using equipment. However, use of the wash room facilities are to be avoided as much as possible.

keep your distance from others as much as possible inside and outside the Studio. 

get on and off your Reformers from the right hand side in a group setting.

using the antibacterial and antiviral spray provided, please spray the cloths, not the equipment, and then wipe down your equipment thoroughly after (also before if you would feel comfortable); and any small props used. 

Thank you  

Studio protocol to help you feel protected:

I will be teaching from 1-2 m distance and refraining from tactile queuing. I may be wearing a mask or visor, especially at your request. 

Classes will start and finish on time to allow you to arrive and leave without bumping into others, and for equipment to be cleaned thoroughly, so I would be grateful if you could arrive on time and wait outside until invited in, and leave promptly and refrain from touching surface areas. The bus stop is a great place to get cover when raining - although I think it's now been removed.

Reformers are placed 1.5-2m apart. Clear screens have separated them for your protection during pandemic times

Nothing will be passed to/from me to you – including personal items, water bottles, props etc. unless you feel comfortable with that.

I will regularly wash and/or sanitize my hands, prior, during and after sessions.

To reduce any spread of infection all equipment, high traffic areas and touch-points within the studio will be thoroughly cleaned regularly. This may happen as you move from one piece of equipment to another during private sessions. 

Ventilation is important so the door and/or a window are likely to be open. A screen will be across the door during summer so people cannot see in when the door is open.

Class timetable may need to change over time as we work out what our new norm is. Thank you for understanding.

These unprecedented times will have had, and will continue to have, an impact on all of us - possibly for some time - emotionally, mentally, physically. I hope that you and those close to you stay healthy and safe. Let’s please continue to look after ourselves and each other by doing what we can.

If you have any concerns or questions please let me know. It’s important that you feel comfortable in the Studio.

In Wellness

Kirsten :)