"Concentrate on the correct movement each time you exercise,
lest you do them improperly and thus lose all vital benefits."
Joseph Pilates

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Saturday morning class is currently held virtually, Tuesday morning is in Ightham Village Hall (please see Contact page). Classes remain small to enable effective teaching. Props are usually used which bring variety and can either assist, challenge or create fun.

Block booking : £12 per session
£15 Casual if space


Studio sessions are beneficial for those wanting more individual attention or those working on rehab purposes or for Sporting Individuals, like golfers, wanting to focus more on rotation and to help improve their game. Others may prefer to work in a small group (max 3); or as a Duet - sharing your class with a friend or family member - each individual need will be taken into consideration. At least one private session is necessary prior to joining a small group. You will always benefit more from 1:1s. 

        Private Session : £58
            Five Private : £285

             Ten Private : £565

   Group Session : £22pp

   Five Sessions : £105pp
    Ten Sessions : £205pp

                Duet : £35pp
   Five Sessions : £170pp
    Ten Sessions : £335pp
                                                         (10 sessions to be used within 12 weeks and 5 sessions 6 weeks)


As a few of my clients have said, 'you can't cheat on the reformer'. 
The Reformer provides increased body awareness and is taught in a small group
 (max 3) therefore providing a highly personalised service with good attentive instruction. If you have never done Reformer before at least one private session is necessary prior to joining a class. Classes are 50-55mins.

Block booking : £20pp per session
£25 Casual if space



These Pregnancy Pilates Mat and Reformer classes are specialised and designed to help you become stronger during pregnancy and prepare you for the birth and beyond (prenatal), or to help you get back into moving again after birth (postnatal). Exercises are gentle yet rewarding and the Mat exercises are aimed to help you continue practicing at home. Classes are small and friendships formed. Some may prefer an individual private session. Please contact me to discuss your options.

                                           Pre or Postnatal Reformer
                                 Block booking : £20pp per session                                                         £25 Casual if space
  Private Session : £58
     Five Private : £285
      Ten Private : £565
                                              (10 private sessions to be used within 12 weeks and 5 sessions 6 weeks)


Once your doctor, physio or other practitioner has signed you off to start exercising, why not start or continue with Pilates. The majority of practitioners endorse Pilates. It will ensure you are doing current exercises correctly and introduce you to other exercises that will assist in your whole body health and rehabilitation.

Private Session : £58
Five Private : £285
Ten Private : £565

Home Equipment

Many people have started to buy their own props and equipment to use at home. If you would like guidance on how to use your equipment safely and effectively, and to ensure you are getting the most out of your equipment, may I recommend a few private sessions with me from time to time. It will benefit you greatly.

Private Session : £58
Five Private : £285
Ten Private : £565

Please read the Terms and Conditions for helpful information